Something Self-Righteous....
Since Halloween is coming up, here is my Top 15 Horror Movie list!

15. The Sixth Sense

Well, I hate the director as much as anyone else, but I have to admit that this is the one movie of his that I will watch. It was pretty good. A little creepy, and some good performances. It has one of the greatest twist endings of all time.

14. Eyes Without a Face

This one won’t make you afraid to go to sleep at night, but it’s pretty good. There are some moments that are chilling, but by today’s standards it’s pretty tame. It has a very nice ending though, but somehow the happy ending makes me like it even more. I’m tired…..

13.  Hour of the Wolf

It’s Ingmar Bergman’s “only horror film”. It’s not one of his best, but it’s not bad at all. There are some frightening and bizarre images used in the movie that creates an eerie atmosphere, which got it a place on my list.

12. The Fly

The Fly was definitely one of my favorite movies when I was younger. I haven’t seen it in a while, but I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in watching any older Horror/Sci-fi movies.

11.  Rosemary’s Baby

It’s a pretty wild movie. There is not anything really throughout the movie that might make you jump, and there are many very chilling or scary scenes. The reason I put it on the list is for the very last scene, the one scene that was indeed very chilling, at least just the look of terror on Mia Farrow’s face during the final scene.

10.  Nosferatu

This movie actually scares the hell out of me. Just look at that picture! That’s really all I have to say.

9.  Scream

Scream is a hilarious movie. It makes fun of the horror genre the entire way. It’s not a very scary movie, but if you are a horror fan, you will appreciate a lot of the gags.

8.  Videodrome

This movie is just disturbing in so many ways, and it is scary BECAUSE it is so disturbing. Cronenberg uses things from some nasty gory visuals to rape in order to make the viewer feel as uncomfortable as possible. It’s a great movie because it works so well as a horror movie.

7.  Halloween

I really hate it when people compare this to the AWFUL Friday the 13th series. Halloween had it all. It didn’t have many bloody images, it had a very creepy killer, decent performance from Jamie Lee Curtis, and a very well known score. One of the greatest horror scenes of all time is when Curtis’s character was out of breath and resting after she thought he was dead, but he rises up in the background. CHILLING! SCARY! WOW! YES! MORE! Why do I do these lists?!?! I want this to be over!!

6. Carrie

The two greatest performances in the history of horror films in one movie. SIssy Spacek and Piper Laurie are absolutely astonishing. Laurie’s performance as the crazy, overly-religious mother really made the movie what it was. Oh, and of course the prom scene.

5. Night of the Living Dead

Well, it’s a classic, and it’s still as effective now as it was in the sixties… well, maybe not, but it is still pretty scary. Unfortunately, It spawned many awful sequels and remakes that ruined the NOTLD name. The original is still the best.

4. Freaks

I really used to love this movie when I was younger. Again, this is another one that takes a while to really start, but the ending pretty bizarre. It’s one of the first great horror movies.

3. Salo: or 120 Days of Sodom

Thisone and Hour of the Wolf are the two movies I watch every Halloween, which is mainly because I want/need an excuse to watch them. This is easily one of the most disturbing movie of all time. I’d say it’s right behind Cannibal Holocaust (FUCK! THAT! MOVIE!).

2. Psycho

It’s always shocking to find an older horror movie that can scare the fuck out of you, or make you jump. This one does both. Perhaps one of the most well known scores in movie history, and one of the most infamous movie killers of all time. It’s a great movie, and it’s Hitchcock’s best.

1. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

As a horror movie, this one is flawless. It succeeded in doing what it was meant to do: uhhh… scare you. It’s not incredibly gory, but it’s definitely violent. Some of the scenes get crazy, and there are some very intense chase scenes. However, despite how you can find all of that in any of your modern-day horror movies, this one doesn’t over-do it. It doesn’t have insane amounts of blood, and it didn’t have a ridiculously out-of-place score. The cinematography was done perfectly. The music wasn’t music, they were just sounds (like banging on metal) in order to create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Once it picks up, it doesn’t end. It goes on until the last frame. It’s a great horror movie.

Lame Encounters (WOW! I’m clever!)

Grave Encounters 2

Rating: * * out of * * * *

I feel like I am rating this pretty high, but I don’t care. I get really happy when I find a sequel that’s better than the original.

Again, the movie has your horror cliches like the first one, but GE2 is different. It starts out with “ordinary people” reviewing the first movie, and it has a young college student filming his own horror film. The importance of those two things is that they are used to expose the original movie’s unoriginal ideas. They make fun of the special effects, the not very good (yet not too bad) acting, and giving in to what the viewers want (blood, gore, and … paranormal activity *sigh*).

I hate movies like this. I’m very sure that I will never watch these two movies again. I did NOT like them, but as I said in the review for the first, “there is probably someone who will like it.” (I’m paraphrasing myself)

You get the picture… but let the record show that I did not like this movie. No-siree. I’m still the same old movie snob fucking asshole I’ve always been.


I miss using my movie blog :(

Grave Encounters 

Rating: * out of  * * * *

Well, it’s basically The Blair Witch Project meets Paranormal Activity. That being said, there wasn’t anything new here. It was… KINDA creepy at times, but nothing that really made me jump. Honestly, the faces they made made me chuckle a bit.

It seems like it was a little low-budget, so I don’t necessarily hate the movie. It just wasn’t very good. There is a huge difference between being more lenient with low-budget dramas or comedies and going easy on low-budget horror movies. The difference is that there will never again be an original horror movie. It’s just not going to happen.

There of course are the horror movies that might come out that I will like because of how well they were made, but this one doesn’t quite make it… at all. However, I’m sure there are some people who will be scared by it.

23 movies I’ve watched plenty of times

In lieu of me watching Jurassic Park for the first time in SO MANY YEARS, I’ve decided to make a list of movies I’ve watched the most. Note that some of the movies on the list are ones that I used to watch, or movies I had to sit through over and over again. Exciting! Also, normally when I like a movie I don’t watch it 100 times…. there has never been a movie I have watched that much. However, there are some movies that come along where I have to stop myself from over watching them, because I don’t want to ware them out… ANYWAY, we start the list with:


Hour of the Wolf


Rating: 3.5 out of 4

I’ve Been Watching It For: About 2 Years

Times Watched: Around 5

Well, it is considered Ingmar Bergman’s one and only horror film. Eh, it has an eerie feel to it, but overall it is a bit sloppy. However, I made this one of the two movies I watch EVERY Halloween, the other being Salo (because I’m a disturbed human being).




Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

How Many Years I’ve Been Watching It: Around 4 years

TImes Watched: Around 5

This is one of the few movies I will honestly consider to be perfect in almost every way. Gorgeously shot, incredible storyline, and horrendously Japanese. Out of my favorite movies, I listed this in my top 15 (?). Kurasawa’s other masterpiece Seven Samurai I listed in my Top 6, but it is 3.5 hours long and I’m just TOO LAZY TO WATCH IT AGAIN.


Another Woman


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

How Many Years I’ve Been Watching It: About 3 years

How Many Times I’ve Watched It: Around 6 or 7

It is normally placed among the rank of September among Woody Allen fans (LIKE ME), but I don’t see why? (oh yeah, September is considered one of Allen’s worst… Also, I thought September was great too) Gena Rowlands gave an incredible performance, and the storyline at times leaves me breathless (and hopeless, but that’s another story). It has one of Allen’s greatest endings, and a pregnant Mia Farrow. Pregnancy! What more can you ask for?

20. American Graffiti


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

How Many Years I’ve Been Watching It: Around 9

How Many Time I’ve Seen It: Around 10

One of my All-Time Favorites (I can’t stop capitalizing everything). There’s much to love about it. The (okay) music, costume design, goofy nerds, and sensitive (and dreamy, I guess) rebels. It’s called THE 60’s. A nostalgia movie made only ten years after the time they feel nostalgic over. GET OVER IT GEORGE LUCAS! GO MAKE STAR WARS ALREADY! 


Garfield: The Movie


Rating: * * out of * * * *

How many years since I first saw it: about 6 (?)

How Many Times I’ve Watched it: About 10

I’m really hoping that I’m judged for this, because it’s not a good movie. I used to love Garfield when I was younger, so when the movie came out I HAD to see it. It was BAD. Then, I got the dvd anyway (whatever). The only reason I’ve seen it so many times is because I thought it was a great movie to fall asleep to when I was at my mother’s house for a weekend. END OF STORY. Hopefully it’s inclusion in the list is justified now.


Night of the Living Deadimage

Rating: * * * out of * * * *

How Many Years I’ve Been Watching It: 7 years

How Many Times I’ve Seen it: 11 I guess

Before nasty BRAIIIIN EATING ZOMBIES, we had CARRR TIPPING ZOMBIES. AHH!!! They will break your windows, and knock on your doors INCESSANTLY, but they are afraid of fire. BURN THE RECLINER! QUICKLY! Then Romero made Dawn of the Dead and it just wasn’t the same.

17. Troll 2


Rating: 0 Stars out of 4

How Many Years I’ve Been Watching It: Around 5 or 6

How Many Times I’ve Seen it: maybe 11

It is the KING of bad movies. I LOVE TROLL 2! It is the best bad movie out there, and many agree. You might recognize the line: “They’re eating her… and then they’re going to eat me…. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!”


16. SLC Punk


Rating: * * * out of * * * *

How Many Years: About 6

Times Watched: Around 12

Naturally, as a lover of Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, The Damned, Ramones, X Ray Spex, X, Discharge, The Germs, The Adicts, UK Subs………… etc……… I had to watch this. I fell in love instantly. It makes you laugh! It makes you cry :( and teaches you that “ONLY POSERS DIE YOU IDIOT!” *cries*

15. West Side Story


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

Years watching it: 6

Times Watched: Around 13

Watch as NY gangsters prance menacingly down the street! See with your own eyes, a NY High School consisting of teens who dance professionally! Witness the most fabulously choreographed RRRRRUMBLE in history!

14. Persona


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: 4

Times Watched: Around 14

Another one by Bergman. This one is my 2nd favorite movie of all time. Another one that is perfect.

13. Annie Hall


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: 9

Times watched: About 15

Well…. here is my #1 favorite movie of all time. I don’t need to go on about this one.

12. Hocus Pocus


Rating: * * 1/2 out of * * * *

Years Watched: maybe 14? or More? Maybe Less… whenever it came out….

Times Watched: Let’s just say 15

Well…. my mother is OBSESSED with the movie. She made me watch it every Halloween for years. I guess I shouldn’t sound upset by it though, I do enjoy the movie. It’s a lot of fun. Nice Halloween movie.

11.  What About Bob?


Rating: * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: around 10 years

Times Watched: around 16

My step-sister and I used to watch this one together constantly! I still love the movie, but I haven’t watched it in so long. I used to have such a crush on Richard Dreyfus in this movie, which is super embarassing because he was pretty old even back then.

10. Eraserhead


Rating: * * * 1/2 out of * * * *

Years Watching: 5.5 years

Times Watched: About 16

Wow! I will never think of a dying sheep fetus the same way again…. This movie introduced me to bizarre imagery and “artsy” film. Although now I don’t hold it as high as I used to, I still appreciate it for opening me up to a different world when I needed to be.

9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)


Rating: * * * 1/2 out of * * * *

Years Watched: around 6.5

Times Watched: Around 17

I don’t give it such a high rating because it’s almost another Gone With The Wind, it was a horror movie, and that’s all it tried to be. So, at the end of the day, I have to view it AS A horror movie, and it succeeded. That .5 was only taken away because of FUCKING FRANKLIN! He makes me want to go on a chain saw massacre. hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha ahahah ahahaha ahahaha ha aha ahaha haha ha ahaha haha hahaha hahaha

8. Party Monster


Rating: * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: About 6 or 7

Times Watched: Maybe 19

Seth Green actually gives a pretty good performance as James St. James, and Macaulay Culkin… gives a performance of Michael Alig. It’s astonishingly colorful and unbelievably gay, but there is constant darkness hovering over the film that never seems to leave.

7.  The Truman Show


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: about 12

Times Watched:19 or 20

In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest movies ever made. It is of course another one of those perfect movies. There’s nothing to not love about the movie. I’ve always been in love with it, and I will never stop loving it.

6. American Beauty


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: about 6

Times watched: Around 20

This is one of those movies you don’t want to watch with me because I’ve seen it so many times, and I basically know every word.

5. Jurassic Park


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: uhh… my entire life…

Times watched: around like 23

Great score, Good acting (for what it was), and intensely thrilling.

4. American Pie


Rating: * * 1/2 out of * * * *

Years Watched: Around 9

Times Watched: Probably around 25

The screenplay seems to have been written by a 13 year old boy whose only interest in life at that point in time was “getting boobage”. It’s good ol’ raunchy fun, and it can make you seem very straight if you like it. Trust me! It works!

3. Young Frankenstein


Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: my entire life

Times watched: around 27

I used to be obsessed with this movie. Completely obsessed.

2. Pulp Fiction


Rating : * * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: 9

Times watched: around 30

My former all-time favorite. How can you not watch it over and over?

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Rating: * * * out of * * * *

Years Watched: about 7

Times watched: probably 35

A movie where I was able to quote the first 15 minute of the movie without it being on. This was probably the biggest movie obsession I’ve ever had.

365 Film Challenge

Bullets Over Broadway (21/365)

Starring: Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Tilly, John Cusack

Rating: * * * 1/2 out of * * * *

Comment: If you know me at all, you know I love any Woody Allen movie (except for Alice and Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy). This one goes way up as one of the best he’s made. 

I once read an article in a magazine that featured an interview with Allen. He said that one of his biggest regrets as a filmmaker was changing the ending to Hannah and Her Sisters to make it more positive. The new ending was what made it a big hit, but in the end he felt as if he sold out. This is what the movie is about: changing the ending and selling out for a big hit. He even references Hannah and Her Sisters with the line, “Change her last line to, “I’m Pregnant” (which is the last line to Hannah and Her Sisters).

Overall, the movie is a great experience. It’s about the struggle of being an artist, and the question of whether it is still art if it is made to make money. It’s also very entertaining, and Dianne Wiest is hilarious as Helen Sinclair.

Would I Recommend It?: Absolutely!

365 Film Challenge

Premiers Desirs  (20/365)

Rating:  * 1/2 out of * * * *

Comment: Overall the movie is very sexual. It is about exploring your sexuality and falling in love. We see in the movie how the main girl Caroline becomes transformed from girl to woman from her sexual experience from an older man who she falls in love with. However, the movie is rotten. It lives off of it’s eroticism, and disregards the storyline entirely. We are able to see what the story is about, but we have to look so closely that it just doesn’t work. It begins to focus on so many irrelevant things that half-way through the movie, we start to lose interest, and the rest just becomes a drone from there.

Would I Recommend It?: No, especially since it’s a foreign movie. You can be a boring movie, but if you’re a boring foreign movie, it is just completely off.

365 Film Challenge

Come On Children (19/365)

Another Documentary From Allan King

Rating:  * * * 1/2 out of * * * *

Comment:  Well, Warrendale was the other documentary from Allan King that I watched, and this one doesn’t really get to close into what we are supposed to see, but it gets close enough. There are 10 teenagers (One of them being the guitar player from Rush before he was famous) that are placed in a Farmhouse with no parental supervision. Almost all of them do drunks and drink alcohol during their stay, and at first they all seem to be having a good time.

However, there is a turning point in the movie after one of the guys’ (Josh) cat is hit by one of the other guys, because the cat attacked the other cat. Josh takes the cat outside away from everyone because it was scared. Then, the mood of the movie changes from good times, to a prank that causes a lot of bad feelings from the other teenagers.

They don’t all get into a huge fight, but they have to learn to clean up after themselves, do chores, and cook for each other. They are to do what a parent should do. They begin to learn a small hint of what might go on in the real world. It doesn’t stop them though, they keep on partying, and enjoying their youth, but at the end we see 10 kids who don’t know what’s in store for them, and neither do we.

Would I Recommend It?:  Well, I enjoyed it. If you are not a fan of The Maysles (or Allan King I guess), then you might not like the real-time documentary style. So, I wouldn’t exactly recommend it at first, I’d say you should watch something like Warrendale or Grey Gardens (two great documentaries) first, then you would know if you should watch it.

365 Film Challenge

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Rating: * * 1/2 out of * * * *

Comment:  Visually, the movie is great, but I found the story to be a bit too mixed up and messy. Then again, it was a surreal story, but still didn’t make as much sense as I would have liked. It’s not a bad movie though.

Would I Recommend It?:  If you can sit through foreign movies, and you like great fairy-tale like movies, then yes. If you don’t like foreign movies, and if you hate surrealism, then no.

365 Film

F For Fake  (17/365)

A Documentary

Rating:   * * * * out of * * * *

Comment: Definitely not what I expected, it’s not anything anyone would expect. Just watch it.

Would I Recommend It?: Yes

365 Film Challenge ( Not a Documentary… but it’s a cult movie AWWWWW)

Eating Raoul (16/365)

Starring: Mary Woronov

Rating: * * 1/2 out of * * * *

Comment: Eh, I knew what I was getting into. I actually expected less from the movie, but it was a little better than I thought it was going to be. It is a movie about sex and violence, and how they can both corrupt, while also celebrating sex; not violence. It is actually a pretty funny movie, but it’s nothing that will really knock you off your feet.

Would I recommend it?: If you like watching cult classics, then yeah definitely. If not, I’d stay away from it.

365 Film Challenge… but it’s another documentary. SORRY!

Warrendale (15/365)

Rating :  * * * * out of * * * *

Comment: 12 emotionally disturbed kids and their caretakers in a home. We don’t only focus on the kids, we don’t even learn many of their stories, but we get to see how the place is run. Some of the methods that the caretakers use to calm the kids down and vent their feelings may seem too “hands-on” and sometimes harsh, but it isn’t exactly that. It’s disturbing to see the kids lash out randomly and become violent to where they need to be held down, and it’s hard to watch the caretakers hold them. However, soon into the movie we learn that the caretakers are doing what they are supposed to do; care. They invest much of their time into getting to know the children and building trust between them, learning how the act and react, and seeing their feelings rush out. Sometimes they seem hard on them when they lash out, but we begin to see how effective their approach is, because shortly we see their emotions come out at full force. We begin to see what they bottle up, or what they instead might vent in negative ways like violence and anger. We are able to see that instead of concluding that they’re crazy, they’re just sad and sometimes lonely.

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely! Don’t mind me when I say they were “harsh”, it’s just difficult to understand at first since I don’t work with kids, but this movie opened my eyes and helped me learn a few things about children’s minds, and how to treat what is “wrong” with them.

Should I have said, “…. then maybe not lol”? That might have been better. OH WELL!

365 Film Challenge (A Fresh Start In August)

The Woodmans (14/365)

A Documentary

Rating: * * * * out of * * * *

Comment:  Francesca Woodman was an influential photographer, whose master works rose to fame too long after her death. At the beginning of the documentary, we meet her parents who are also artists. We learn about her and her family life growing up, and how at a young age was surrounded by art. As she grew older, people saw her as someone special, and art was what surrounded her. She went to college in Italy, where she began creating some of her heaviest works. However, her time there also saw her quickly deteriorating mental health. She was in a relationship where her love seemed to not be returned, she battled depression, and began questioning herself and her future. After a suicide attempt, she went to live with her parents for a short period of time. What followed shortly after, was Francesca jumping off a building to her death.

The documentary isn’t about Francesca, as much as it is about her work, and how the fear she had that she was not being noticed (since she was very ahead of her time) came too early. It was about her legacy and influence, but most of all it was about an artist who was out of place and out of this world, whose perception was unique and whose vision was intensely portrayed to us. Anyone who watches this and only sees a story of a family who lived a way that is anything but ordinary, or a story of possible mental illness, or just a story of an artist, did not see the extraordinary photographs that seem to (even now) have come out of the future.

Would I Recommend it?: Yes, but if you are not one for nude photographs, then maybe not.

365 Film Challenge: A look at July

13 movies overall

2 with Good Ratings!

11 with Bad Ratings!

Average Score for all movies: 1.27 stars out of 4 stars

That’s pretty bad.

365 Film Challenge

The Heat (13/365)

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Mellissa McCarthy

Rating: * * out of * * * *

Comment: Well, I’m already kind of sick of Melissa McCarthy. After playing the same character over and over since Bridesmaids, it has become a little tiresome. Plus, I really hated her character in this movie. BUT I did love Sandra Bullock in the movie, as the composed, uptight, yet kind of dorky, FBI Agent.

Would I recommend it?: Well… no, but it wasn’t bad, and I didn’t see it as a waste of time so that must say something?